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Our Story

We are passionate about the sport of fencing, and wanted to share this with West Aucklanders and beyond!  It's a fantastic, individual sport with a strong community feel.  Fencing challenges you mentally and physically - which is why veteran fencers (40+) have as much fun and challenge as younger fencers.

We aspire to make fencing more accessible to people - by providing gear for beginners, and holding local classes.

We launched in 2017 - it gives us great pleasure to see the community develop and grow.

We have strong connections to Phoenix Fencing, Auckland Swords Club and others in the Auckland and New Zealand fencing family.

If competitions are your thing - we've got them!  Tuatahi Fencing hosts regular Epee tournaments for Intermediate Level Fencers.  We welcome epeeists from around the region - giving you new opponents to test your skills with.

Tuatahi Fencing also runs courses in a number of local schools.  Please contact us if you'd like fencing to be included at your school.

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