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discover epee fencing

Get your feet moving, trick your opponent into getting too close!  Learn how to hold and manipulate the epee blade, how to attack with a lunge....and how to defend with parries and stop hits. 


We'll start you refereeing bouts so you are confident with the rules and parameters of the game.

ALL EPEE GEAR PROVIDED:  Mask, jacket, plastron, glove and epee (sword).  You'll need to wear clothes you can move in, including long pants and sport shoes - bring a water bottle too!

Want to continue after beginners course?  You will have the skills to join the group lessons and bouting on Wednesday evenings in the club.

We train at Glen Eden Intermediate School gym, Glen Eden, West Auckland


Starting Wednesday 31st July 2024

5 week beginners course, with option to join club and  continue fencing

6 - 7pm, Weds 31st July:  10 to 15 year olds

Adult beginners:  date to be finalised

Small group classes with trained coaches

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