discover epee fencing

Get your feet moving, trick your opponent into getting too close!  Learn how to hold and manipulate the epee blade, how to attack with a lunge....and how to defend with parries and stop hits. 

We'll start you refereeing bouts so you are confident with the rules and parameters of the game.

ALL EPEE GEAR PROVIDED:  Mask, jacket, plastron, glove and epee (sword).  You'll need to wear clothes you can move in, including long pants and sport shoes - bring a water bottle too!

Next Courses: 

9 - 15 yo's:  6 week course starts Weds 19th February 2020, 6 - 7pm.  Cost: $75

Adult Beginner Experience:  Date to be confirmed.  Get in touch if you'd like to be notified of next course!

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0275 26 26 23

West Auckland 0604, New Zealand